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Network Assistant can save several types of information during its work. This is named as "logging". Logging saves instant messages, chats channels and event log on a hard drive so you can see this information later. For security reasons all logging settings can be changed in the Administrator mode only.


Log the following information:


checkbox General chat channels

checkbox Announcer chat channels

checkbox Password chat channels

checkbox Private chat channels

These options control logging of chat channels. If corresponding option is checked each channel of this type is stored separately in the logs folder.


checkbox Instant Messages

When this option is checked all incoming and outgoing instant messages are stored in the logs folder (in the "Messages.log" file).


checkbox Event log

When this option is checked the content of the event log is stored in the logs folder (in the "Event.log" file).



Logs folder


edit Logs folder

In this field you can specify the folder that will be used for all log files storing.


button Specify

Click this button to select a folder for logs.


button Open

Clock this button to open and browse current logs folder.


button Clear

Click this button to clear the entire logs folder (this will delete all files in this folder!).




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