"Setup" dialog

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The Setup dialog is available from the File menu (alternatively you can press Alt+S shortcut to call the setup dialog). Here you can specify all Network Assistant major settings.


It consist of several parts (panels):


GeneralIn this section you can set up the general Network Assistant options including main window options.
ConnectionDefines communication options of Network Assistant.
SecurityOn this page you can turn on/off administration mode and set up local and remote privacy options.
ChatIn this section you can specify options for the chat: appearance, messages format, startup channels, Chat-In-Tip options.
Filtration/BlockingHere you can filter messages, create blocking rules for users, bad words and tune flood protection.
Message BoardSpecify message board mode and options here.
SoundsAllows you to specify and tune sounds for some events.
FontsAllows you to specify fonts for Network Assistant interface, chat, instant messages and Chat-In-Tip messages.
"Away" ModeAllows you to specify several conditions of automated switch to "Away" state.
EmoticonsHere you can setup emoticons to use in chat, instant messages and message board.
LoggingDefines the logging related settings.



note Note

To change disabled settings in the Setup window you need to switch to the Administrator mode.