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Connection: Settings


Network Assistant uses several connection settings for basic communications between computers. Connection settings include connection mode (IP Multicast or UDP Broadcast), IP Multicast settings, UDP Broadcast settings, UDP and TCP ports. You can choose which set of settings to use: either internal settings or external settings:


Connection settings


radio Use user defined internal settings

When this option is set Nassi uses its own internal connection settings. You can specify these settings on the Settings page.


radio / edit Use settings from the external file

When this option is set Nassi uses connection settings from the external file.

This option is very useful when you want to make all copies of Nassi within your network to use the same connection settings. In this case you need to put a connection settings file on the server and point each Nassi to this file.


Here is the an example of connection settings file:

--------------- nassi_connection.ini -----------------

; Network Assistant connection settings file




;mode can be 'broadcast' or 'multicast'

UDP port=50138

TCP port=50138






[broadcast IPs]  ;One IP per line, prefix '_' means disabled IP


------------ end of nassi_connection.ini --------------



Export / Import


Export / Import features allow you to export your current connection settings to an external file (export) and/or import connection settings from the external file.




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