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checkbox Run Network Assistant at Windows startup

Check this box if you want to automatically run Nassi at Windows startup.


checkbox Show startup splash screen

Clear this box if you do not want to see splash screen on startup. (important Available in the registered version only)


checkbox Disable network tree scan at startup

Check this box if you want to disable automatic network tree scanning on Nassi startup.


checkbox Disable event log notifications

Check this box if you want to disable event log blinking on important event log messages.


checkbox Enable Network Assistant activity notifications

Check this box if you want to enable activation/deactivation notifications.

When checked every time when you activate or deactivate Nassi, it will send broadcast notifications to all Nassi users within your network. These notifications will allow remote users to see your activity state in the users list: Ready <=> Ready(inactive).

When unchecked remote users will always see you in active state: Ready.

important Attention: This option may heavily load your network with broadcast packets, so use it only if you really need this functionality.



updown Users list refresh timeout (ms)

This option specifies how long Nassi will wait for remote users account answers while refreshing user list before deleting them from the users list. The value for this option is set in milliseconds.



Click-on-user shortcuts


combobox / combobox You can customize and use up to four per-user mouse shortcuts. Each shortcut can perform one of several available per-user actions. For example, you can make "mouse click" shortcut to call "Private Chat" action (instead of default "Message"). So when you want to have a private chat with some user you just need to click on this user.




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