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Message Board allows you and your friends or coworkers to share informational messages (posts). Message Board automatically collects and displays messages from all Network Assistant users. Each user can post up to five messages including up to one high-priority message (high-priority messages are highlighted by red color in message board).


onestep To post a message switch to the Message Board page and select the "Message Board | New Message..." main menu command (or press [Ctrl + M] keyboard shortcut). This will open the New Message dialog and will be able to enter message subject, content and specify message options (priority and life length).

onestep To edit your message click on the "Edit Message..." speed button within the desired message. This will open the Updated Message dialog and you will be able to edit this message.

onestep To recall (remove) your message from the message board click on the "Recall Message" speed button within the desired message. Attention!: this function permanently removes message from the message board and you will never see it again


When Network Assistant detects a new message it highlights this new message with blinking yellow bulb and when it detects an updated message it highlights an updated message with blinking aqua bulb. To mark such message as read just mouse click on its blinking bulb. You can also mark all messages as read (select the "Message Board | Mark All As Read" main menu command to do this)


You can also sort and filter messages in message board (see main menu commands "Message Board | Sort Messages" and "Message Board | Filter Messages").



note Notes:

- Message Board can work in different modes (you can setup mode in the Setup dialog).

- The copy of Message Board (all board messages) is also stored locally on your computer. So, when Nassi is not able to update/synchronize message board with remote boards of remote users it displays local copy of message board.