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Whiteboard allows every online Nassi user to draw and type on it simultaneously. Using the whiteboard, you can explain concepts by diagramming information, using a sketch, or displaying graphics.


Network Assistant whiteboard supports the following whiteboard tools:


bullet Pan ToolNon-drawing tool. Allows you to easy scroll the whiteboard contents with your mouse.
bullet Text ToolAllows you to type a text into the whiteboard.
bullet Fill ToolFills a part of the whiteboard with current color.
bullet Pen ToolDraws a freehand graphics using current color.
bullet Line ToolDraws a line using current color.
bullet Rectangle ToolDraws a rectangle using current color. To draw filled rectangle hold down Ctrl key.
bullet Ellipse ToolDraws an ellipse using current color. To draw filled ellipse hold down Ctrl key.



You can choose the current color for all drawing operations and pen width by clicking the "Pen Color/Thickness" speed button. Also you can easy tune pen thickness by mouse wheel. You can snap all your drawing to grid and select grid step with Snap To Grid speed button.


You can also load and paste graphic images into whiteboard. But be sure to specify common network shared folder in the Setup dialog before.


note Notes

When you clear the Whiteboard it is also being cleared on remote online computers.
Whiteboard has fixed dimensions and can consume a lot of memory (only when it is used). If you are not using the Whiteboard it does not consume system resources.
You can refresh whiteboard content. When you refresh it, Nassi searches remote user with most actual whiteboard and downloads its whiteboard content. Click on the "Refresh" button to refresh.




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