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This page displays Users List. From here you can access the remote user advanced information, define alerts on remote events for a particular user, send instant messages and so on. Users List is a list of all online Nassi users - all users from your network that has Nassi running. For every user in Users List Nassi can display the following parameters:


bullet User state and nicknameIcons which represent user's state and user name
bullet Alerts Flags (icon)Installed alerts flags (active/inactive/none).
bullet Privacy Mode Flags (icon)Global privacy mode flag (on/off).
bullet Workstation nameComputer name
bullet TimeSystem time (this field is hidden by default)
bullet InState TimeState time: displays how long a user is in its current state
bullet Idle timeUser inactivity time
bullet PingRemote computer response time (in milliseconds)
bullet FG Window TitleForeground window title: the title of user's currently active window. For example, if user is currently working in Word this field can be something like "Microsoft Word".
bullet Nassi State (icon)State of Nassi main window (normal / maximized / minimized / in tray)
bullet Nassi UptimeNassi running time
bullet Nassi VersionInformation about Nassi version
bullet OS NameOperating system name (Win 9X/NT/XP/Vista) and version
bullet OS UptimeOperating system running time
bullet IP addressIP address of user's computer (e.g. "") (this field is hidden by default)


To refresh Users List select the "Actions | Refresh Users List" main menu command (or press [F5] keyboard shortcut). Also this command will refresh the contents of the Users panel. You can also make Nassi to refresh Users List automatically on list activation and Nassi activation (when Nassi becomes active application it refreshes the list). You can tune refresh option via "Actions | Users List Refresh Options" submenu.


In addition, you can set up the automatic refresh timer for users list. In order to do this you need to create a special registry key: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Gracebyte Software\Network Assistant\UsersListAutoRefreshInterval". This is a DWORD value in seconds.


You can configure which parameters should be shown/hided and set an order of their location in the list. To do this select the "View | Customize Columns..." main menu command or simply right click on the list header. This will open the Setup Columns dialog. Also you can sort users in the list by any criterion. For example, to sort all users by workstation name you need to click on the header of the "Workstations" column. To change the sort order (ascending / descending) click on the header again.


Right click on a user within the Users List brings up the user popup menu. From here you can access user-related functions such as sending an instant message, initiating private chat, viewing screenshot, transferring files, defining alerts and so on.


User groups

You can unite users in groups.

onestep To create a user group: right click on the users list and select the command "New Group".

onestep To rename/delete the group: right click on the group and select the command "Rename Group" / "Delete Group".

onestep To put the user into the group: drag the user over the desired group and drop it.

onestep To remove user from all groups: drag the user over empty space of users list and drop it.

onestep To hide empty user groups: right click on the users list (or some group) and select the command "Hide Empty Groups".

onestep To disable groups: right click on the users list (or some group) and select the command "Disable Groups".



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