Understanding user states

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User states let other online users know whether you are available or not, free or busy and type of your current activity. User states let you designate your availability for others; for example, the "Do Not Disturb" DND state notifies them that you do not wish to be disturbed. You may also view the current state of other users in the Users panel and in the Users list, and decide which events to send then. See below for an explanation on each user state. Your status is represented to you by an icon displayed in the Users panel.


Network Assistant has six standard user states and you can define up to six custom user states. Each state has name (standard states have constant names and you can not change them), description and several flags that define behavior of Nassi when you are in that state. Click here to read more about state properties.


onestep To select your state:

In the main toolbar click on the "State" button and select the desired state.


Select desired state using main menu: "File -> State".


Press keyboard state shortcut. State shortcuts are [Ctrl] + <X> and [Shift] + [Ctrl] + <X>, where "X" is the first letter of the corresponding standard state name (Ready, Working, Do Not Disturb, Private, Away and Offline) or number 1..6 (in case of six user defined custom states).



Standard user states:


Ready Ready

This state indicates to other users that you are free and available for contact.


Working Working

This state indicates to other users that you are busy with some computer-related work.


DND Do Not Disturb

This state indicates to other users that you do not wish to communicate.


Private Private

This state indicates to other users that you are in the private mode. When in this mode you can limit some "indiscreet" actions of other users. For example, you may want to "hide" your screen from the other users (disable screenshots). You may also spread private mode influence on all states (Global Privacy Mode - this mode is set by default). See more about security options here: Setup : Local Security.


Away Away

This state indicates to other users that you are away from your computer. Your state may be automatically set to Away on some events (timeout, screen saver activation and so on). See Setup : "Away" Mode options for details. When your (local) Nassi in "Away" state, it will automatically switch to the previous (before "Away") state when you return to your computer.


Offline Offline

All network functionality is disabled in this state. Nobody will be able to chat with you or send you a file.




note Note:

The question icon None instead of user state icon indicates that Network Assistant does not have enough information about this user currently. You can refresh the users list to get this information.