"Setup State" dialog

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This dialog allows to configure currently existing user states and create new custom states.


combobox State

The State field allows you to select a user state. Network Assistant has six standard states and allows creating up to ten custom states.


button Remove

Click on this button to remove selected custom state. You can not remove standard states.


edit Title

This field allows you to enter the title of a new custom state or change the title of existing custom state. You can not change the title of a standard state.


edit Explanation

Each state has its own explanation. Here you can enter/change this explanation (for both standard and custom states). The purpose of state explanation is to describe the state reason in details. For example, you may switch to the "Away" state and explain the reason as "Lunch", "Smoking", "Coffee", "On the phone" etc. You can write here everything you want.



State Properties


checkbox AutoAnswer explanation on messages

When this option is checked Nassi will automatically answer state explanation text on instant message reception.


checkbox Disable all sounds

When this option is checked all sounds are disabled when you are in that state.


checkbox Show state setup dialog on switch

When this option is checked the Setup State dialog will be opened every time you switch into that state. It can be useful for specifying state explanation.


checkbox Disable automatic switch to "Away" state

When this option is checked and you are in that state Nassi will never switch into "Away" state automatically. However you still can switch into "Away" state manually.


checkbox Ignore "Important" flag of messages

When this option is checked all important (marked as "Important") incoming instant messages will not popup on screen. They will be processed as usual instant messages (you will see them minimized in taskbar).


checkbox Disable new announcer chat channels

When this option is checked the automatic creation of all new announcer chat channels ( Announcer ) will be disabled. However, you still will be able to chat in existing announcer channels.



button Switch

Click this button to switch into selected state and save all changes.


button Close

Click this button to close this dialog and save all changes.


button Help

Click this button to call context help.



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