"Users" and "Network" panels

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Users panel

Users panel displays the list of all online users and allows you to quickly access user-related functions. This is very useful when you, for example, are chatting or drawing on the whiteboard and can not see the Users List on the "Users" page.


When in Users panel, right click on a user brings up the user popup menu. From here you can access user-related functions such as sending an instant message, initiating private chat, sending a file to this user so on. Right click on an empty space of online users list brings up the popup menu that allows you to set the appearance of this list ("Nicknames", "Workstations" and "IP Addresses" modes) and send broadcast messages.

To refresh users list click on "Refresh" button on top of this panel.


note Hint

To send a broadcast message (if this action is not disabled in the Setup) you can simply double click on empty space of the list. Alternatively, you can press [F2] keyboard shortcut.



Network panel

Network panel displays the structure of your network in hierarchical form: you can see domains that contain servers that contain shared network resources such as disks and printers. Some workstations are highlighted and some not. Highlighted workstation is a Nassi-enabled workstation: a workstation that is running Network Assistant.


When in Network panel, right click on a domain/workstation/folder brings its context menu. From here you can send system/Winpopup messages to some domain/workstation and browse workstations/folders.

To refresh network tree click on "Refresh" button on top of this panel.