"Define Alerts" dialog

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You can define alerts on some remote events for a particular remote computer and specify different actions for them. For example, you may want to be notified when some remote user is typing into the chat window or when he takes the screenshot of your system.


To define an alert(s) for a particular user select the "Define Alerts..." command of the user context menu. You can access this menu via right mouse click on a user (in the users list on the Users page or in the Users panel).


You can define several alerts of different types for one user. An alert can be active or inactive. The list of installed alerts is placed on the left side of the Define Alerts window. When you add a new alert you select the type of alert and its properties on the "Alert" tab and then you specify actions (on the "Actions" tab) that must be executed when that alert is risen by remote Nassi-enabled computer.


onestep To add/remove/activate/deactivate alerts use appropriate buttons below the list of installed alerts.


checkbox Save alerts list

If this option is checked all installed alerts will be stored in remote Nassi configuration for future Nassi sessions.


note Notes

The "Actions" tab becomes available when you create a new alert or select an existing one in the alerts list.
Access to "Define Alerts..." command is DISABLED by default for security reasons. When in the Administrator mode you can enable it the Setup window (Remote Privacy page).
Alerts tracking is disabled by default for security reasons. A remote user can enable/disable alerts tracking (via the option on the Local Security page of the Setup dialog).



See also:

Alert tabThis tab allows you to select the type of alert and its properties.
Actions tabOn this tab you specify actions for alert.