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Additional Languages

Network Assistant supports different languages. The default language is English ( ), and an unlimited number of other languages can be easily added at any time. Please note that language translations for versions 2.x / 3.x / 4.x are NOT compatible.

Download additional languages for Network Assistant v4.5 (6 languages currently):
Language (ZIP pack) Author (E-mail) Size (bytes) Last Modification
Belarussian Alexey Moroz 20,515 February 17, 2015
Bulgarian Romeo Kostov 20,739 June 9, 2009
  Portuguese (Brazil) Fernando Freitas Alves 19,402 September 28, 1010  
  Russian Gracebyte Software 20,574 May 25, 2009  
  Spanish - 19,261 February 2, 2010  
  Ukrainian Bud'ak 20,598 February 25, 2011  
Vietnamese Nguyen Duy Trung 18,694 February 2, 2010

Translators wanted for version 4.5 !

If you can help us to implement support for another language(s), please drop us a line ( ). You will need to translate the template text file which contains all translatable strings of Network Assistant 4.5.

The template file can be downloaded here: template.lng (28 Kb).

You will find all instructions inside of this file. Just don't send us your language file prior to contacting us, as such version might be already under development. Also please note that language translations for old versions are not accepted.

You can also download additional languages for old Network Assistant versions, here

How to install a Network Assistant language?

Download the desired language pack from our website.

Uncompress it into "Network Assistant/Languages" folder using WinZip.
(Attention! You may need administrator privileges to do this!)

Start/restart Network Assistant and select new language in the Language menu.
While in Network Assistant, select fonts which support this language. You can do this in the Setup dialog (Network Assistant Setup -> Fonts).

Restart Network Assistant.


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