Command line parameters

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Network Assistant supports the following command line parameters:


/safeUse safe mode. On some computers, safe mode greatly improves Nassi stability but limits some features (like idle time detection and screen saver startup detection).


/nonetworkscanDisables automatic network tree scanning on Nassi startup.


/usemrd=NUse Membership Report Delay. With this parameter Nassi delays membership answers for other users that update their users list to prevent loss of network packets. This parameter can be useful in big networks. Delay time is a random number in range from zero to maximum value. This maximum value depends on users count but you can override this dependence and specify your own maximum value (in milliseconds), for example: /usemrd=2000


/admin=passwordStarts Network Assistant in the Administrator mode. Administrator password must be specified BEFORE using this parameter.


/ProgramStartupDeferment=NWith this parameter you can delay program startup for N seconds..



You can combine several parameters, for example: nassi.exe /nonetworkscan /admin=123