Keyboard shortcuts

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Network Assistant defines several keyboard shortcuts that allow you to access various functions quicker.



State handling:

Ctrl + RSwitches to the "Ready" state
Ctrl + WSwitches to the "Working" state
Ctrl + DSwitches to the "Do Not Disturb" state
Ctrl + PSwitches to the "Private" state
Ctrl + ASwitches to the "Away" state
Ctrl + OSwitches to the "Offline" state
Ctrl + 1..6Switches to one of six custom states
Shift + Ctrl + RCalls the setup state dialog for the "Ready" state
Shift + Ctrl + WCalls the setup state dialog for the "Working" state
Shift + Ctrl + DCalls the setup state dialog for the "Do Not Disturb" state
Shift + Ctrl + PCalls the setup state dialog for the "Private" state
Shift + Ctrl + ACalls the setup state dialog for the "Away" state
Shift + Ctrl + OCalls the setup state dialog for the "Offline" state
Shift + Ctrl + 1..6Calls the setup state dialog for one of six custom states
Ctrl+NCalls the Setup State dialog to create new state


Nicknames handling:

Alt + WSwitches to the default nickname (Windows user name)



F5Refreshes Users List
F6Refreshes Network Tree


Switching between Nassi tabs (modes):

Alt + F1Activates Users list
Alt + F2Activates Chat
Alt + F3Activates Whiteboard
Alt + F4Activates Message Board
Alt + F5Activates Event Log
Broadcast actions:
F2Sends broadcast message
F3Sends system/WinPopup broadcast message
F4Sends broadcast signal
Ctrl + JOpens Join Channel dialog
Ctrl + TChanges topic for the current channel
Ctrl + SSignals to current channel
Ctrl + F4Closes/leaves the current channel
Ctrl + QEnables/disables autoscrolling of chat history
Alt + REnglish <-> Russian text revert
Alt + 0..9Inserts chat command
Ctrl + EnterCarriage return (next line) in chat phrase window
Alt + EnterSends chat phrase and minimizes Network Assistant into tray
Ctrl+Up/DownScroll chat phrases history
TabAutocompletes username
Shift + F1..F12Put assigned macro into chat phrase window
Shift + Ctrl + F1..F12Assign content of chat phrase window to macro
Alt + 1..7Selects one of whiteboard tools
Alt + GGrid mode: on/off
F5Refreshes whiteboard content
Message Board:
Ctrl + MPost new message
In all edit windows:
Shift + left / right arrowSelects a portion of text
Ctrl + C,  Ctrl + InsertCopies the selection and puts it on the clipboard
Ctrl + V,  Shift + InsertInserts the clipboard content
Ctrl + X,  Shift + DelCuts the selection and puts on the clipboard
When typing an instant message:
Ctrl + EnterQuickly sends an instant message.
Shift + Ctrl + EnterQuickly sends an instant message and does not close the window.
F1Displays the help file of Network Assistant. In dialog boxes, F1 displays help for a current dialog.
Alt + SCalls the Setup dialog
Alt + MOpen user details dialog for local user
Alt + DShutdowns and closes Network Assistant
Alt + PMain window is always on top: on/off
Alt + YSticky main window: on/off
Alt + BStatus bar: on/off
EscMinimizes Network Assistant to the tray area
Alt + IView bar: on/off
Alt + HHeader bar: on/off
Alt+ASwitches to Administrator mode
Alt+USwitches to User mode