Using emoticons in your messages

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You can use graphical emoticons in your chat phrases and instant messages to show your feelings. Over 40 emoticons are available in the default emoticons library and you can download and install additional emoticons libraries.


There are to ways to include an emoticon in your message:

1. Click "Insert Emoticon" button (on the Chat page or in the instant message window) to open the emoticons selector popup menu and select the desired emoticon.

2. Type the desired text sequence (see below).


Here is the table with available emoticons in the MSN emoticons library (Msn.asl) and corresponding text sequences:


EmoticonText Sequence

01:-)  or :)
02;-D   or ;d
03;-)  or ;)
04:-O  or :o
05:-P  or :p
06(H)  or (h)
07:-@  or :@
08:-$  or :$
09:-S  or :s
10:-(  or :(
12:-|  or :|
14(A)  or (a)
15(L)  or (l)
16(U)  or (u)
22(E)  or (e)
24(F)  or (f)
25(W)  or (w)
26(O)  or (o)
27(K)  or (k)
28(G)  or (g)
30(P)  or (p)
31(I)  or (i)
32(C)  or (c)
33(T)  or (t)
36(B)  or (b)
37(D)  or (d)
38(Z)  or (z)
39(X)  or (x)
40(Y)  or (y)
41(N)  or (n)
42:-[  or :[



note Notes

You can disable automatic text sequence to emoticons conversions.

Open Setup dialog on the Chat page and check the "Disable emoticons" option.


You can also use alternate emoticons if you want. There are several preinstalled emoticons libraries which you can find in the "Program Files/Network Assistant/Emoticons" folder or you can download additional emoticons libraries from our website. To use an emoticons library you need to open Setup dialog -> Emoticons page and select the desired library file.