"Sound Event Setup" dialog

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This dialog allows you to set up sound events such as signal sound or alert sound. Sound event is a combination of two sound parts: Wave Sound (playable via sound card) and PC Speaker Sound (playable by internal PC speaker).


checkbox Play Wave sound

If this option is checked the specified wave file will be played on sound event. To select a different wave file click on the "..." ("Browse") button.



Use PC speaker options

In addition to wave sound you can use PC speaker for playing sound signals. This is very useful when a computer does not have a sound card and wave sounds can not be played.


You can select one of the following PC speaker signal types:


bullet NonePC speaker disabled.
bullet SimpleSimple constant sound.
bullet Stair 11-4: four variants of sound.
bullet Stair 2
bullet Stair 3
bullet Stair 4


Frequency (Hz)

The frequency of PC speaker signal (in hertz). For your convenience the frequency selector has nonlinear scale.


updown Duration (ms)

The duration of PC speaker signal (in milliseconds).



button Test

Click on this button to test sound event.



checkbox Enabled

This option enables/disables sound event.