"Setup Format" dialog

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Here you can setup the format of chat messages, Chat-In-Tip messages, '"/me" messages and appeals. The format is based on the template (message skeleton) and text tags (placeholders). Message formatting allows tuning the appearance of text messages.


For example, instead of standard chat format:


[22:37] Alexey (DEEPSTAR): Hello!

%h% %m%   %un%               %cn%                 %msg%


you can specify and use your own format, like:


DEEPSTAR <Alexey>: "Hello!"

       %cn%                 %un%              %msg%



edit Template

Here you can enter format string. Format string is a template (or skeleton) for message that can include several text tags (placeholders).

Example: %un%: %msg%


Available Tags

Tag is a placeholder for different parts of message. The following tags are currently available:


bullet %un%User name (in the example above: Alexey)
bullet %cn%Computer name (in the example above: DEEPSTAR)
bullet %ip%Computer IP (for example:
bullet %us%User state title (for example: Ready)
bullet %h%Current hour (in the example above: 22)
bullet %m%Current minute (in the example above: 37)
bullet %s%Current second (for example: 30)
bullet %d%Date stamp (for example: 28.08.00)
bullet %msg%Message string (in the example above: Hello!)   (not available for Appeals)

special tags

bullet %cs%Start color marker
bullet %cf%Finish color marker

These two special tags are used for coloring of message. Start marker starts and finish marker finishes coloring of text message. Coloring uses current user chat color and not available for Chat-In-Tip messages.


edit Preview

This field displays the example string that corresponds to the format string in the "Template" field above.