Network Assistant features

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Here are the key features of Network Assistant:


bullet Serverless technology.

Network Assistant does not require an Internet connection or a dedicated server. It uses serverless technology based on IP Multicast or broadcast.


bullet Channels-based chat.

There are four types of chat channels: general, announcer, password protected and private (person-to-person). Channels help to support discussions on different subjects. You can post pictures directly to chat channels.


bullet Shared whiteboard.

You and your friends or coworkers can draw on shared whiteboard. Using the whiteboard, you can explain concepts by diagramming information, using a sketch, or displaying graphics.


bullet Message board.

You can post messages to common shared board. For each message you can specify its priority, life length.


bullet User details.

You can view details of remote users and specify your own details: full name, gender, age, work/contact information and picture (photo/avatar). Therefore you can share this information with all Network Assistant users.


bullet Instant messaging.

Network Assistant supports its own instant messages and WinPopup/Messenger messages as well.


bullet Graphical emoticons  03 06 40

You can use graphical emoticons in your chat phrases and instant messages to show your feelings. Over 40 emoticons are available in the default emoticons pack and you can download and install additional emoticons packs.


bullet Remote processes control.

You can view process on a remote computer and create/terminate remote processes.


bullet Remote screenshots.

You can view screenshots of a remote screen (multiple monitors supported).


bullet Remote clipboard viewing.

You can view the text content of a remote Window clipboard as well.


bullet Computer usage statistics tracking.

Network Assistant tracks the usage of computer when it is online. You can view the usage statistics of your own and remote computer as well.


bullet Remote alerts.

You can define alerts on some remote events for a particular remote computer and specify different actions for them. For example, you may want to be notified when some remote user is typing into the chat window or when he takes the screenshot.


bullet File transfers.

File transfers. You can easily send and receive files. You can even resume file transfers.


bullet Multilingual user interface.

Network Assistant has multilingual user interface. In addition to the base English, Network Assistant supports another languages.