"License Manager" window

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Network Assistant has the great feature of remote registration/unregistration. This feature (License Manager) is especially useful for administrators of big networks. Using this feature a network administrator can quickly manage Network Assistant licenses within network. For example, it is possible to register all Nassi-enabled network computers with single registration code from one computer with several mouse clicks in several seconds.


License Manager displays all Network Assistant users along with their current registration information. Each user can be in one of the four following states:

Unknown till restart
Unregistered (trial period is not over yet)
Unregistered (trial period is over)


When a user is in the Registered state, Network Assistant displays its nickname, workstation name and registration information, as follows:

Usage Days

The number of days that Network Assistant was used on this computer.

Code ID

The unique registration code identifier. Different codes have different identifiers.

Max Users

Maximum number of users with the same code that this code permits.

Registered To

Name of code owner (user/company).



Users list

This list displays all Network Assistant users along with their current registration information.


button Refresh

Click this button to refresh users list.


button Close

Click this button to close License Manager.


button Help

Click this button to open this help page.


button Manage

Click this button to show/hide license management functions - remote registration and unregistration.

note Please note: if you have enabled Administration, license management functions are not available in User mode.


edit Enter registration code here

Enter a valid registration code into this field. This code is required in order to register and unregister remote users.


button Register

Click this button to make an attempt to register the selected remote users with specified registration code.


button Unregister

Click this button to make an attempt to unregister the selected remote users using specified registration code.



note Notes:

You can remotely register unregistered users only.
You can remotely unregister registered user only. Furthermore, to unregister a registered user you have to use a valid registration code that which was used to register this user.
When you click on Register or Unregister button you only make an attempt to register or unregister a remote user(s). Then, on next Network Assistant restart the remote user will be prompted for remote registration / unregistration.