"Join Channel" dialog

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This dialog allows you to create and join the new chat channel with the desired settings. Click here to learn more about chat channels in Network Assistant.

To create a new chat channel you need to enter its name, topic (if necessary), select its type and click on the "Join" button in order to create and join this new channel.



combobox Channel name

Enter the name of new channel here.


edit Channel topic

Enter the topic of new channel here. You can leave this field blank if you don't want to specify the topic.


Channel type

These settings allow you to select the type of new chat channel:


General radio General

General channel is a virtual "room" that is opened for everyone. Anyone who knows general channel name can join to this channel.


Announcer radio Announcer (visible to all users)

Announcer channel is a special type of channels: every user of Network Assistant sees anything that any user says on that channel. There is no need to join or leave already existing announcer channel. Announcer channels are useful for broadcast announcements.


Password radio / edit Password protected

These channels are same as general channels except that you can specify channel password (for security reasons) using special text field. So, to join such channel a user must know channel name AND channel password. Or if you created password protected channel yourself you can include any user into this channel and a user will not know channel password (to do this right click on a user in the Users list and select "Include In Chat Channel..." submenu).


Private_ radio / combobox Private (user-to-user)

Private (or user-to-user) channels are very useful when you want to talk with only one person, privately and quickly. Private channel has a name, which corresponds to a remote computer name (without "#" symbol at the beginning), and has special icon Private_. When you start a private chat with some remote user this channel is automatically created on the remote side too, so you can start "talk" in that newly created channel immediately after creation.



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