Instant message window

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You use this window to send and receive instant Nassi or Winpopup (system) messages. The functionality of the Instant message window is quite different in send and receive modes.



Send message mode


You can send a message to a single recipient, multiple recipients or all recipients (broadcast mode). To send a message to multiple recipients click on the "Multiple Recipients" button (in the bottom right corner) and select required recipients in the list (here you can use context popup menu for quick users selection).


You can put an emoticons in your message to show your feeling. To do this either type the appropriate text sequence (e.g. ";-)") or click "Insert Emoticon" speed button to open the emoticons selector popup menu and select the desired emoticon. Click here to learn more about emoticons.


You can also raise the "Important Message" flag for your message. Flagged messages will be popped up on screen instead of flashing in the taskbar in order to attract user. To flag the message click on the "Important Message (Popup)".



Receive message mode


When you receive a message you see a received message window. At this point you can do:

Reply- to reply on a message
Reply Quoted- to reply on a message with quotation.
Chat- to start private chat with remote user who sent a message.



note Notes

You can press [Shift] key while clicking on the "Send", "Reply", "Reply Quoted" and "Chat" buttons - this will prevent window from closing.
When typing an instant message you can press [Ctrl] + [Enter] shortcut to quickly send a message.