"Advanced User Information" window

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The Advanced User Information window allows you to access specific information for a particular user: user details, list of processes, screenshot, clipboard and Nassi details. All this functions are accessible via user context menu (if you have rights). Each type of this information is placed on a separate page of this window:


User DetailsDisplays the user details of the remote user (full name, age, gender, work/contact information, picture(photo), etc...).
ProcessesDisplays the list of processes on a remote computer and allows remote control over them (if this function is enabled on the remote computer).
ScreenshotDisplays the screen shot of a remote computer (if this function is enabled on the remote computer).
ClipboardDisplays the text content of a remote computer clipboard (if this function is enabled on the remote computer).
StatisticsDisplays the usage statistics of a remote Network Assistant (if this function is enabled on the remote computer).


To refresh the current page click on the "Refresh" button ([F5] keyboard shortcut). When switching between tabs Nassi refreshes the current page automatically (you can hold down [Ctrl] key to disable automatic refreshing). In addition, you can disable automatic on-page-switch refresh at all and/or force Nassi to refresh the current tab at appropriate time intervals. These options are available via drop down menu of the "Refresh" button.


note Notes

You may want to disable access to YOUR advanced information. To do this open the Setup dialog on the Local Security page, specify privacy mode settings and then use the Private state or Global Privacy Mode (default).


Access to "Processes", "Screenshot", "Clipboard" and "Nassi Details" commands is DISABLED by default for security reasons. When in the Administrator mode you can enable it in the Setup window (Remote Services page).