What is CDDB and FreeDB ?




CDDB (CD database) is an information database containing artist, disc title, track titles, and other information for digital audio compact discs. Over time, this archive has grown to contain a substantial collection of CD information and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

This database can be accessed by applications via the CDDB server hosts that have been set up on the Internet around the world.

The CDDB data format and the CDDB servers are designed to be open, and are used by many client applications requiring CD information. CDDB has become the de facto standard for Internet access of compact disc information.



CoolCD Studio uses FreeDB. FreeDB is a free approach to CDDB protocol. FreeDB is the largest free and anonymous CD Database on Internet. FreeDB advantages are:

BULLET1 It has been done and is managed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). It is free to use now and will be free in the future.

BULLET1 It actually includes more than 500 000 entries and it is growing fast.

BULLET1 You don't have to register to FreeDB to use it. It is totally anonymous.


We strongly recommend you to submit all you new entries to the FreeDB database.


Learn more about FreeDB at www.freedb.org