Visual Sound System window

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CoolCD Studio has the built-in powerful feature of Visual Sound System (VSS). It's goal is visualization of input audio signal (e.g. CD-Audio) and some altering of this signal: equalization.


bullet1 Note that besides of CD Audio signal VSS processes all incoming audio signals: CD-Audio, Midi, Line-In and so on...

bullet1 VSS can record incoming audio signal in any format: 8...48 KHz, 8/16 bit, Mono/Stereo.

bullet1 Live Input feature allows you to listen recorded (and probably altered in some way) audio source signal (usually this is CD-Audio) in real time. When this feature is turned on, all signals that have been recorded, VSS playbacks through wave-out channel (after digital signal processing). Note that this feature works only with full duplex audio cards.

bullet1 VSS supports Winamp visualization plug-ins. These plug-ins can used together with VSS to visualize incoming audio signal.



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Visual Sound System window