View modes

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CoolCD can work in one of the following four view modes:

bullet1 Full

bullet1 Brief

bullet1 Mini

bullet1 Tray


You can switch between view modes via:

bullet1 Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 respectively; additionally you can minimize CoolCD to taskbar by pressing Ctrl+5)

bullet1 Clicking on the view mode buttons in main window caption

bullet1 Double clicking on the main window caption

bullet1 View Mode submenu of system menu


While in tray mode CoolCD resides in the notify tray of the taskbar:


Quick Navigator window


The following actions can be taken in tray icon:


Action        Result

bullet1 Left mouse clickPlays/pauses disc playback
bullet1 Left mouse double clickRestores CoolCD from tray to the previous view mode (Full, Brief of Mini)
bullet1 Middle mouse clickCalls Navigator window (see the picture above)
bullet1 Right mouse clickCalls system menu