Search a Disc wizard

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Search a Disc(s) Wizard allows you to search one or more discs in the local database.


You can specify the following search criteria:

bullet1 Disc Title- To search a disc by its title
bullet1 Disc Artist Name- To search a disc by artist name
bullet1 Disc Date- To search a disc by its date
bullet1 Disc Label- To search a disc by its record label
bullet1 Disc Category- To search a disc by its category
bullet1 Disc Picture Link- To search a disc by its assigned picture link
bullet1 Disc Notes- To search a disc by its notes
bullet1 Disc Product ID- To search a disc by its unique identifier
bullet1 Track Name- To search a disc by track name
bullet1 Track Notes- To search a disc by track notes


You can specify several search options to customize search procedure:


bullet1 Case sensitive search- When checked upper case and lower case characters are treated as being different. So searching for hello will not find Hello. If it is not checked, there is no difference and searching for hello will find hello, Hello, HeLLo, etc.
bullet1 Whole words only- When checked wizard searches for words only. With this option off, the search string might be found within longer words.
bullet1 Ignore blank fields- When checked all blank criteria are ignored by search procedure. If this option is not checked all blank fields are treated as real but empty strings.
bullet1 Asterisk (*) is a wildcard- When checked you can use symbol * as a wildcard. In this case * means any not empty value.



After you have specified all search criteria and search options click on the Search button to start search. CoolCD Studio will find all discs that match your criteria and display them in the results list. Then you can press Close button and search result will be selected in the local database page.