Registering CoolCD Studio

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CoolCD Studio is NOT free software and may be previewed for 30 days worry free. Continued use of CoolCD after 30 days requires that you register it with the author and pay a registration fee. Note that unregistered version is fully functional except that it resets some settings to defaults and displays startup reminder window.


Registration of the CoolCD Studio leads you to the following benefits:

bullet1 All limitations of unregistered version will be removed (no startup reminder window, no volatile settings, no time limits)

bullet1 FREE upgrades for the rest of your life!

(You will never pay again for future versions)

bullet1 Access to priority technical support including support via e-mail

bullet1 Encourage the author to further develop and improve CoolCD Studio, making possible new releases



Once you have registered, you will receive a personal registration number that you can enter into the program to specify that you have registered it. You may enter this number in exactly one (1) copy of CoolCD Studio, installed on a single computer. More than one person is allowed to use the software, as long as no two people use it at the same time.


important Important notes:

bullet1 CoolCD Studio is licensing on per computer basis, not per network, per site or per company.

bullet1 If more than one person needs to use the software at the same time, you have to register a copy for each of them. Please contact Gracebyte Software at for group licenses.

bullet1 Be sure to read CoolCD Studio license agreement (EULA) in the "license.txt" file.



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