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You can print out the report of selected discs using Print Wizard. To do this, select the desired discs in the Discs List of the Local Database page of Database window (for example, you can search discs) and click on the "Print Selected Discs" toolbar button.


On the first page on print wizard you need to specify the following printing options:


Report Format

bullet1 Normal- Normal format includes disc title, artist name, and number of tracks for each disc in report.
bullet1 Detailed- Detailed format includes disc picture, disc title, artist name, category, date, record label, cddb properties, number of tracks, list of tracks and other disc details for each disc in report.



bullet1 Font name- Select a font type from the available fonts for the current printer.
bullet1 Font size- Specify a font size for the report. The default value of 100% is recommended in most cases.
bullet1 Group discs by- This option specifies how to sort discs in report: by disc title, artist, category, date or record label.
bullet1 Print discs pictures- Uncheck this option if you want to disable printing of disc pictures. This option is available for detailed report format only.



Here you can select the printer you want to print to. To change a printer options click on the "Printer Setup" button. For more information about setting printer options, see your Windows documentation.



When you ready to print click on the "Print" button to start printing. CoolCD Studio will create and print out the report.


important PLEASE NOTE: Unregistered version of CoolCD Studio will include evaluation titles in each printed report. To remove them, you need to register CoolCD Studio.