Keyboard shortcuts

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CoolCD Studio defines several keyboard shortcuts that allow you to access various functions quicker.



The following shortcuts can be used in any dockable window:


playback and seeking:
VPrevious Track
NNext Track
Shift+JForce eject
Left ArrowSeeks track backward by 5% (works in the main window only)
Right ArrowSeeks track forward by 5% (works in the main window only)
services access:
Ctrl+DCalls Direct Access window
Ctrl+TCalls Fast Track Access window
Ctrl+VCalls Visual Sound System window
Ctrl+MCalls Mixer window
Ctrl+PCalls Disc Properties window
Ctrl+BCalls Database
Ctrl+FVolume Faders toggle
Ctrl+SCalls setup window
view mode switching:
Ctrl+1Full view mode
Ctrl+2Brief view mode
Ctrl+3Mini view mode
Ctrl+4Minimize to taskbar
Ctrl+5Minimize to tray
playback mode switching:
Shift+Ctrl+1Toggles Shuffle
Shift+Ctrl+2Toggles Playlist
Shift+Ctrl+3Toggles Repeat / Repeat One / Single Play
Shift+Ctrl+4Toggles Introscan
CDDB functions:
Ctrl+LDownloads current disc information from a CDDB server
Ctrl+USubmits current disc information to a CDDB server
Shift+Ctrl+LQueues current disc for later download
Shift+Ctrl+UQueues current disc for later submission
CD Audio volume control:
Up ArrowIncrease CD Audio volume (works in the main window only)
Down ArrowDecrease CD Audio volume (works in the main window only)
MCD Audio mute toggle
F1Calls context help
Ctrl+AToggles Always On Top feature for main window
Ctrl+RCalls register window



The following shortcuts can be used in the database window:


Ctrl+RReloads current database page content
Ctrl+SSearches a Disc(s)
Ctrl+PPrints a report of selected discs
EscCloses database window
Ctrl+ASelects all items
Ctrl+NSelects None
Ctrl+IInverts Selection
Alt+EnterCalls Disc Properties window (Local Database page only)
DelDeletes selected items
EnterStarts selected queued CDDB jobs (CDDB Queue page only)
F1Calls context help on database window



Additionally, if Fast Track Access window is opened, you can press '1'..'9' buttons for quick jump to the corresponding track. To access tracks with greater numbers use [Shift] key. See also Advanced Track Selection by number.