Introducing CoolCD Studio

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bullet1 CoolCD Studio (CoolCD for short) is an improved and cool Audio CD player for 32-bit Windows platforms. It operates like a home CD player, letting you play audio discs from CD-ROM drive on your PC with many extra advantages.


bullet1 CoolCD Studio introduces a highly stylized aesthetic interface. The result is a program that is not only extremely full featured, but intuitive and stylish as well. CoolCD complete range of CD-Audio playback features is complemented by a variety of feedback visualizations and full CDDB support.


bullet1 CoolCD Studio is NOT free software and may be previewed for 30 days worry free. Continued use of CoolCD Studio after 30 days requires that you register it with the author and pay a registration fee. That provides the opportunity for users to evaluate it before purchase. Note that unregistered version is fully functional except that it resets some settings to defaults and displays startup reminder window. Look here for registration details.


bullet1 CoolCD Studio was being developed by Gracebyte Software in 10 years and is still under development.


bullet1 CoolCD Studio is copyright protected (C) 1997-2009 by Gracebyte Software. All rights reserved.