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This tab displays miscellaneous statistical information about a disc:


general info:

bullet1 Product IDUnique identifier for the audio CD
bullet1 Known DiscCurrent disc was found in the local database (Yes) or not (No)
bullet1 CD-TextCurrent disc contains CD-Text information (Yes) or not (No)
disc statistics:
bullet1 Total TracksTotal tracks number (including audio and data tracks)
bullet1 Total LengthTotal disc length (including audio and data tracks length)
bullet1 Average Track LengthAveraged tracks length value (including audio and data tracks)
bullet1 Disc Space UtilizationUsed disc space compared to a standard audio disc.
cddb properties:
bullet1 CDDB IDUnique CDDB identifier, that is used to access the CDDB server.
bullet1 RevisionThe CDDB revision is used for CDDB database management when comparing two entries in order to determine which is the most recent. For example, you have downloaded disc data from the CDDB server and its returned revision is 2. Then you edit some disc properties and submit updated disc data back to the CDDB server. Now, if you download this disc again (after some time) the new returned revision will become 3.


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