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The Local Database page allows you to see and maintain your disc database. Disc entries that had been described or downloaded from a CDDB server before are kept in the local database.


Local database is kept in a standard Windows INI-file (cdplayer.ini). This ensures that you don't have to redescribe all your discs that you had described before.

important Note: there is NO 64K size limitation for the database file (cdplayer.ini).


The Local Database page is separated on two lists:

Entities List (left)- displays the whole database sorted by one of the following entities:

bullet1 Disc title      bullet1 Artist name      bullet1 Category

bullet1 Datebullet1 Record Label


Discs List (right)- displays discs that relate to selected entities in the Entities List


For example, on the picture below, database is sorted by artist names (artist name is an entity). There are three artists selected in the entities list: Gorky Park, Gregorian and House Nation. All these three artists have seven discs stored in the database. These seven disc are displayed in the right discs list and only one of these discs (Gregorian / Master Of Chant) is selected. You can do the following things with discs selected in the disc list: open Disc Properties window, export, print, delete.


Database wizards:

bullet1 You can search a disc(s) in the local database using Search a Disc Wizard.

bullet1 You can import external disc database into your local database using Import Wizard.

bullet1 You can export all / selected discs into external database using Export Wizard.

bullet1 You can print a report of selected discs using Print Wizard.



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