CoolCD Studio advantages

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There are many other software CD players and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. So what makes CoolCD so cool ?


Here it is:

bullet1 Nice and stylish digital GUI (graphic user interface) with multiple "touch-sensitive" displays

bullet1 Full CDDB support (downloads and submissions, job queuing)

bullet1 CD-Text support

bullet1 Advanced audio visualization system (waveform oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, graphical equalizer)

bullet1 Fine control of track and disc playing position through the Direct Access to CD feature

bullet1 Fast track selection through the Fast Track Access to CD feature

bullet1 Multiple view modes (Full, Brief, Mini and Tray)

bullet1 Multiple playback modes (introscan, playlist, repeat, repeat 1 (one), single play and shuffle)

bullet1 Windows CD Player INI file support

bullet1 Powerful database manager (useful database view, search, import, export, print)

bullet1 Integrated audio mixer

bullet1 User-defined Windows Shell Integration

bullet1 LOTS of useful setup options

and even much more!