CDDB support in CoolCD Studio

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When you insert a new disc CoolCD tries to read its description from the local database. If it fails (disc is not stored in the local database) CoolCD tries to download its description from Internet (CDDB server). This is the default behavior but you can override it.


bullet1 Downloads and Submissions.

CoolCD is full CDDB compatible. That means the ability of CoolCD to download compact disc information as well as submitting such information to CDDB servers. Downloads and submissions are supported via HTTP protocol. For your convenience you can select the nearest to you CDDB server (online) and test connection with him.


To download current disc information use:

System menu | CDDB | CDDB Download    (Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut)

To submit current disc information use:

System menu | CDDB | CDDB Submission  (Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut)


When CoolCD downloads disc description from a CDDB server it may encounter multiple matches for a single disc. In this case CoolCD displays the Multiple CDDB Matches dialog so you can select the best match for a disc.


bullet1 CDDB job queuing.

When you are off-line and playing discs which description you haven't downloaded from CDDB yet, you can take advantage of the CoolCD's queuing facility to download or submitting your CD information when connected later rather than having to re-insert discs again just to get your download or make a submission. And when you're ready (and connected) you can perform all queued jobs (downloads and submissions).


To queue current CD for later downloading use:

System menu | CDDB | Queue Current CD... | for Download    (Shift+Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut)

To queue current CD for later submitting use:

System menu | CDDB | Queue Current CD... | for Submission  (Shift+Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut)

To flush all queued jobs (when you are ready and connected) use:

System menu | CDDB | Perform All Queued Jobs


CDDB menu also accessible from the Disc Properties window.


To see and edit all queued CDDB jobs open the Database window and switch to the CDDB Queue page.


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