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ZDNet 5 Star Editors' Pick

"Here's a CD player that truly lives up to its name. CoolCD Studio not only gives you just about every feature you'd want in a CD player, but its attractive, customizable interface is a real delight to look at (especially if you have the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions turned on). Full CDDB support is provided -- and we do mean full -- including querying, submission, job caching, and queuing."

Quick Info

Current version:

     1.5 (build 1136) View versions history
     September 9, 2009

Platforms supported:
   CoolCD Studio supports Windows Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / Me / NT4 / 9x

Features supported:
   CoolCD Studio supports CDDB and FreeDBCoolCD Studio has Visual Sound System and supports WinAmp visualization plug-ins

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What Is CoolCD Studio ?

CoolCD Studio (CoolCD for short) is an improved and cool AudioCD player for 32-bit Windows platforms. It operates like a home CD player, letting you play audio CDs from CD/DVD drive on your PC with many extra advantages.

CoolCD Studio introduces a highly stylized aesthetic interface. The result is a program that is not only extremely full featured, but intuitive and stylish as well.

CoolCD Studio's complete range of CD-Audio playback features is complemented by a variety of feedback visualizations.

CoolCD Studio fully supports CDDB (querying, submission, job caching, and queuing). In addition, CoolCD Studio supports FreeDB - a free approach to CDDB technology.

CoolCD Studio supports CD-Text and can read all album / performer / track names directly from the disc.

CoolCD Studio was being developed by Gracebyte Software in 10 years and is still under development.


Key Features

There are many other CD player programs and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. So what makes CoolCD Studio so cool? Here it is:
A stylish digital GUI (graphic user interface) with multiple "touch-sensitive" displays
CoolCD Studio - The premium Audio CD  Player for Windows
Full CDDB and FREEDB support (downloads, submit, jobs caching and queuing)
CD-Text support: if your CD/DVD drive supports CD-Text and you insert a new audio CD with CD-Text then CoolCD will automatically read album/performer/track names directly from the disc and save it into your local database


An advanced sound visualization system (waveform oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, graphical equalizer)
Fine control of disc and track playing position through Direct CD Access feature
Fast track selections through Fast Track Access to CD feature
Multiple view modes (Full, Brief, Mini and Tray)
Multiple playback modes (introscan, playlist, repeat, repeat 1 (one), single play and shuffle)
Windows CD Player INI file support
A powerful disc database manager (useful database views, search, import, export, print)
An integrated audio mixer
User-defined Windows Shell Integration
LOTS of useful setup options

     and even much more! ( click here to read more about CoolCD Studio features )

How Do I Get CoolCD Studio for Free ?

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